Site staff

PkR: I make mods for the PC version of Sonic Adventure DX, sometimes I also reverse engineer SADX/SA1. My biggest project to date is a mod pack that restores Dreamcast assets in the PC version. I also help SonicFreak94 with the development of Lantern Engine (Dreamcast Lighting) for SADX PC.

I’ve been planning to set up a website dedicated to SADX downgrades for a long time. I’ve been aware of issues with Gamecube and PC versions of SADX since they came out, and I revisited a lot of those downgrades when working on Dreamcast mods. I set up this blog and wrote comparison articles, but I needed a lot of help along the way. The blog wouldn’t have come to life without the help and dedication of the following people:

Sonikko – screenshots and videos, header image, technical advice, hosting comparison videos on his Youtube channel, massive layout work during blog reorganization.

Speeps (Jmtshaw) – screenshots and videos, technical advice, various bits on SA1/SADX content, articles on TCRF documenting the differences between SA1 and SADX etc., hosting comparison videos, character model comparisons.

spookmeman – screenshots and videos.